Les Twins 

 Hip-hop dance offs=instant happiness. Sometimes, I seek them out when I need some sunshine. Today, this led me to Les Twins (skip to 2:06). Brothers from Sarcelles, France...self-taught...Watching them anticipate each other, matrix out each moment, own, and create it has been exactly the fresh wind this stuffy room needed. So far, they are my most favorite finding of the year. I mean, I love them. They choreograph as well..for very, very real.

the Road to Manhattan 

...is green and long and filled with baby animals at this time of year.
I swear I'm in a cartoon. I've seen baby foxes, woodchucks, deer-cavorting around with their folks in the woods of the Upstate.
This weekend, I'll head toward that land of fortification where we braced ourselves against everyone else bracing themselves.
In the process, it all softened.

While pining for the past, we made such good friends.
I miss you, New York City, though we're probably better long-distance pals.


For no good reason, I have cherries and Autumn on the brain.
On the crystal-clearest of days in the summeriest month?

Idealizing the future even when the present couldn't be more delicious.
Whatever to do?
Exercises to be present.
Active noticing.

These help-but consummation with this magnificent moment-
Why the resistance?

Let's Have a Party! 

Release Party!

With help from several friends, there's a new batch of music
Food, drink, friends, music from the new EP, Rule.

765 Washington St. NYC
Sunday June 29th

Come one, come all!

"Women of Substance"..um... 

I've been added to the rotation on 
Women of Substance Radio. 

If you're a streamer, you can stream online at womenofsubstanceradio.com
and hear more folks like me.

love to all.

Radio Stars 

I'm super-honored to be getting radio play on the stations below. I've been listening and they all spin really synapse-tickling,  non-commercial radio.
It feels good to be curated into the mixes of these programmers:
WUMD-North Dartmouth, MA
KRVS-Lafayette, LA
WUSM-Hattiesburgh, MS
WFHC-Belair, MD
KVNF-Paonia, CO
KRCB-Rohnert Park, CA


Review from Montreal 

Brooke Campbell - The Escapist EP (Review)

New York Singer/songwriter, Brooke Campbell released "The Escapist" EP last May, her third studio recording. This four song EP highlights Campbell's talent for storytelling. Within the first 20 seconds of hearing "Ice covers the North", I knew that this was going to be something special. Throughout all the songs you can hear a quite impressive string section weaving fluttering violins and trickling piano riffs, a real 'movie like' experience and a good compliment to Campbell's soft whispering vocals. The second track "Sparkle" is a humble confession about what it means "To be small enough for you to love"About whether one should dim their own light to fit into someone else's life. 'Invalid' is a heart warming 'Carol King like' torch song that speaks about the theme of the album; escapism, which Campbell has also dedicated a page to on her website with famous quote's on the subject. The last track on the record "Sugar Spoon" is an upbeat one, about a quick high of happiness and a crash into a dark place "That how I like it, when that sweet despair is what I know"The Escapist' EP is an imaginative and well written storybook. It's no doubt that these are personal stories, but also easy to translate into anyone's own experiences, so what will you find through the looking glass?
The single "Sugar Spoon" is available as a free download (below) exclusively through Lady Indie.


"Cellophilia" Rehearsal Matt Frey conducts "Ice Covers the North" with the West 4th Music Collective 5.05 MB

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