Holy Lust 

"Sure, he deviated from that path when he wanted to, but for him there was no need to separate the things we do on Saturday night from the things we do on Sunday morning."

the NYT Picks for reader comments are particularly fertile for this one. Check Mr. Ned Hickey from Marlborough, CT:

The author's premise about Judeo-Christian spirituality and sexual love somewhat inaccurate or misleading. Th gist of St. Augustine's approach is consistent with the body/spirit dichotomy of Platonism, but not the integrated body/spirit/sexuality spirituality found in the Biblical Song of Songs [e.g., My lover is like a gazelle, a young stag ....] and the line of Jewish and Christian mystics for whom sexual love was a significant reflection of the divine love of God. prince would have found poetic sustenance for his vision in the writings of Kabbala and the Sephirot, or, St. Bernard of Clairvaux and St. Teresa of Avila.

entire article:

Bob Potts 

Years ago, I came across the work of Arthur Ganson. His playful, brilliant sculptures struck me like a storm of glorious little lightning bolts.
Today I found Mr. Potts's work and it suits the season for me. Ethereal & romantic..fluid. Anyway, what a thing that minds like this exist. 

Old Dutch Church 

Following a noon concert, I stole a couple of hours in the sanctuary of the Old Dutch Church in Kingston, NY. Soggy sun bled through these ambers, clear and warm. White ceiling, red carpet--ripe for ceremony without the heft. There was silence of the type that jogs the memory. I could hear my heartbeat which reminded me I have a heart-with blood pumping in and out every second. Air, blood, flesh, refraction. Design illuminating systems we didn't design or animate.

Les Twins 

 Hip-hop dance offs=instant happiness. Sometimes, I seek them out when I need some sunshine. Today, this led me to Les Twins (skip to 2:06). Brothers from Sarcelles, France...self-taught...Watching them anticipate each other, matrix out each moment, own, and create it has been exactly the fresh wind this stuffy room needed. So far, they are my most favorite finding of the year. I mean, I love them. They choreograph as well..for very, very real.


"Cellophilia" Rehearsal Matt Frey conducts "Ice Covers the North" with the West 4th Music Collective 5.05 MB

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